Andor Star Explains Why Season 2 Is So Different From Season 1

Andor Star Explains Why Season 2 Is So Different From Season 1

Behind and in front of the camera, season 2 of Andor will be an entirely different beast.

Mon Mothma actress Genevieve O’Reilly spoke with The Playlist about the unique nature of Andor Season 1 and how season 2 of the star wars the series will be different. Initially, Andor was supposed to run for five seasons before being condensed to two. As a result, the story and the structure had to change. “Well, I think (creator Tony Gilroy) was open about it, but initially there was going to be a number of seasons. So he definitely had arcs. He had an arc as far as every year basically what was happening,” O’Reilly said. “So it changes and changes when you decide. And I think what they’ve done for the second season is pretty extraordinary, the way it allows the play to be almost like a juggernaut.


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While Season 1 told its story over a fairly short period of time, Season 2 will consist of three-episode arcs that will each span a year. By doing this, Andor will lead directly to A thug without additional seasons. “I think the excitement of using all three episodes to skip a year drives the play and drives the narrative in a super exciting and deeply compelling way,” O’Reilly continued. “And it’s been interesting to be a part of last season and this season and see the difference. And in that storytelling, just in the structure of how you tell a story.”

How COVID and the Writers’ Strike affected Andor

It’s not just the story that has changed. The hiatus since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic allowed Gilroy to really immerse himself in the scripts with the actors and gave the performers plenty of time with the story. Although Gilroy has already finished writing Season 2 of Andorcast and crew didn’t have the same leeway.

“I think the first season was slightly different because of COVID. We got all the scripts. This season is a little bit different, just because we don’t have time,” O’Reilly said. “Of course, it’s all written down, but it wasn’t the same. But Tony is a great collaborator and he’s really into the chat. So he was ringing the bell and we were talking in bits and pieces. And he’s so out there. ear for the words and for the people and for the connection and the communication that when you get the script and see what it created, it’s all there, there’s nothing to do after that. quite a unique experience to get scripts that are so well written and hold such a breadth of the story.”

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Interesting way, Andor Season 2 was affected by its own shutdown, with the current WGA strike halting projects across Hollywood. As mentioned, Gilroy finished the scripts for the show before the strike. But Gilroy has also stepped down as showrunner on Andor respecting the strike. Lucasfilm did not say if the star wars the series will continue to run, which it was doing before the strike, without Gilroy.

Season 1 of Andor is now streaming on Disney+. Season 2 is expected to arrive in 2024.

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