Batman is a fantasy friend

Batman is a fantasy friend

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IIf you had the chance to bring back those you love, would you risk it all? DC Heroes Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will explore the consequences of a well-meaning moment and space interference In the flashwho has just lost his final trailer. (As previous looks at the movie, Batman abound.)

The DC Sthe film from the studios has started be the superhero event of the summer, when shake up the DCEU as we knew it. The new trailer is bwatched by two batmenstarting with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne Warning barry of dangers to travel back in time to save not only his own mother but, as Barry proposes, dear Martha and Thomas Wayne too. When the flash breaks completely his own world, we see a version where General Zod (Michael Shannon) has returned to dominate the planet. The only person Barry can get to fight enough heroes is a retired Bruce Wayne, who we know as the batman played by Michael Keaton.

Watch the trailer for more Batmanmore several barry And Kryptonians Also!


The family in the foreground brings home the catastrophic collisions in an altered future. With Superman out, Supergirl (Sasha Calle) steps in for his cousin to defend the world from Kryptonian destruction. The action seems as frantic as the banter between Barry and Bruce, but we are the most waiting for previews DC future—and if the film offers to be a culmination of what WB’s comic book superheroes have meant to fans as the studio builds to a new universe.

the flash opens June 16 in theaters.

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