Jimin Clocks Fastest 1 Billion Streams (Full Credits) on Spotify as Korean Soloist

Jimin Clocks Fastest 1 Billion Streams (Full Credits) on Spotify as Korean Soloist

Jimin continues to thrive in BTS‘ solo era after his official solo debut, which prompted him to write three major news Spotify recordings, to solidify his legacy as the most successful Korean solo artist in history, just two months into his solo career.

On May 22, music data sources reported that Jimin’s Spotify profile had now passed 1 billion streams across all creditsbecoming the fastest Korean/K-pop solo artist in history to reach this milestone. It took him 393 days to reach these figures, beating the previous record of 409 days.

Notably, in those 393 days, the majority of streaming numbers (nearly 70%) contributing to the 1 billion came in the last 67 days alone, when he officially released his first solo album “FACE.” It shows how incredibly well received his album is and how much impact and success he already has as a solo artist!

As always, fans are proud of Jimin for reaching such a milestone in his career. They had nothing but praise for him and his work ethic and sent him beautiful messages of congratulations. The volume of tweets talking about and applauding this record has brought many trends onto Twitter’s global trending list, including hashtags like #Fastest1BillionSoloistJimin and keywords like SPOTIFY LEGEND JIMIN, FASTEST BILLION BY JIMIN, 1 BILLION FOR JIMIN And KING JIMIN to name a few.

Just three days before this big achievement, Jimin had once again made Spotify history with another mind-blowing record.

On May 20, it exceeded 759 million streams on Spotify to break the record for Biggest Streaming Year by a Korean/K-pop Solo Artist in Spotify Historyy. Jimin has become the new king in this aspect after surpassing the previous record of 757 million streams set in 2022.

What has amazed fans of this record even more is the fact that the year isn’t even halfway yet; there are still seven months left in the year, and they can’t help but be excited about what the possible streaming numbers for Jimin could be at the end of the year!

Finally, his album ‘FACE‘ has also taken a new step by surpassing 500 million streams on Spotify starting May 22.

It also became another Jimin record as ‘FACE’ became the fastest album by a Korean/K-pop solo artist to surpass 500 million streams. The album was, in fact, the fastest album by a Korean soloist to also top 100 million, 200 million, 300 million, and 400 million streams on the platform.

‘CONFRONT’ surpassed the 500 million mark in just 58 daysWhich one is less than half the time taken up by the album that previously held that record (132 days)!

Here are more of Jimin’s accomplishments on Spotify.

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