MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN’s Stage Costume in Florida Wasn’t a Political Statement

MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN’s Stage Costume in Florida Wasn’t a Political Statement

Tool leader Maynard James Keenan donned a wig and prosthetic breasts for the band’s performance at Welcome To Rockville in Florida this weekend. Of course, much of the media assumed it was a shooting at the Governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis and his generally anti-trans agenda, although that’s not quite the case.

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According Keenan in an interview The messengerthe costume was a simple one that had been waiting backstage for a little while. Keenan also denounces the media who reported the story, saying he was “cross-dressing long before these clickbait-addicted dupes were out of diapers.”

“I’m not a political guy – I have nothing to do with Florida,” he said. “I cross-dressed long before these clickbait addicted dupes were out of diapers. It’s pretty crazy technology and prosthetics these days, how they got there, and I was just considering going back.

“It’s amazing to me how twisted everything you say or do is in line with a far-right or far-left fundamentalist agenda.”

Keenan also brought up the fact that he technically violated Florida’s new law prohibiting minors from attending drag shows (Welcome To Rockville is an all-ages festival), claiming no one enforced it anyway . “They just do that and they throw it out there to solidify their base for an election year,” he added.

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And without getting too political, Keenan mentioned that he thinks state laws are a little ridiculous. “I think it’s absurd to limit people’s access to anything. Good parenting allows you to teach your children to be reasonable, to reason, to sort things out and to decide for themselves what they want to see or not see.”

Tool are expected to announce a North American tour very soon for later this year. Although all we’ve gotten so far is a tease from the guitarist adam jones.

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