Mutant Mayhem ‘sets new release date with exciting poster

Mutant Mayhem ‘sets new release date with exciting poster

Get ready to join your favorite unconventional heroes on a new adventure, when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem hits theaters this summer. Paramount Pictures released a brand new poster for the film, with the announcement that audiences will be able to enjoy this story two days earlier than planned, on August 2. Break out the pizza boxes to celebrate the return of some of Saturday morning cartoons’ most iconic characters, as they head into a conspiracy bigger than anything they’ve encountered before. A breath of fresh air for the franchise is the film’s biggest promise.

Set in a completely separate timeline from other iterations of the characters that have appeared in recent years, Mutant Chaos will follow Donatello (Micah Abbey), Michelangelo (Shamon Brown Jr.), Leonardo (Nicolas Cantu) and Raphael (noon brady) because they live life the only way they know how. Video games, skateboarding, pizza, and the New York skyline are all part of what these young heroes do every day, but that will suddenly change when they least expect it. As they seek to act like normal teenagers, their friend April O’Neill (Ayo Edebiri) will help them solve a criminal mystery that threatens the city with an army of mutants.


While trailers for the upcoming release showed off its unique animation style and vibrant energy, the most impressive feature to come out of Mutant Chaos is its voice cast, featuring many big names behind bizarre creatures. For example, Seth Rogen And John Cena will voice fan-favorite characters from the series, Bebop and Rocksteady. The pair will bring the sense of humor they’re known for when it’s time to dress up as the popular antagonists. When it comes to the unpredictable mutant animal department, you can bet that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles always delivers.

Image via Paramount Pictures

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TMNT: Mutant Mayhem Adds to a successful year for Ayo Edebiri

As well as being behind the voice of April O’Neill, Edebiri enjoyed the greatest years of her career, as the actress can also be seen in the hit TV series, the bear. A Chicago kitchen won’t be the only place she can be found when the second season premieres on Hulu this summer, the actress has also joined the cast at Marvel Studios. Love at first sight. Her role is still being kept under wraps, but Debiri will stand side by side with the mighty team of villains and antagonists from previous stories.

You can check out the new poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem below, ahead of the film opening in theaters on August 2:

Image via Paramount Pictures

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