Netizens enraged after LE SSERAFIM had to answer fan’s inappropriate question about underage member Eunchae

Netizens enraged after LE SSERAFIM had to answer fan’s inappropriate question about underage member Eunchae

The members seemed uncomfortable!

THE SSERAFIM drew attention for his reaction to an ‘inappropriate’ question about his minor maknae Eunchae.

Members of SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Instagram

While netizens adore THE SSERAFIM and keep praising their talent, concerns have been raised about the group’s maknae Eunchae.

THE SSERAFIM has a fairly mature concept, and netizens have been concerned about the suitability of outfits and choreography for Eunchae, who is only 16 (international age) and still a minor.

The choreography in “UNFORGIVEN”

Recently, a clip caught attention after the members reacted to an inappropriate question about the youngest member of the group.

During a fan meeting, a fan seemed to ask about the possibility of a sexy concept for Eunchae. Upon hearing the statement, Chaewon looked shocked revealing that it was the first time she had heard such a thing.

After Chaewon’s response, the camera shifted to the other members, who also didn’t seem to like the question. Yet they also apparently showed a playful attitude by crossing their arms as if they didn’t want to imagine this for their youngest member.

Still, while the members seemed to playfully ignore the statement when the camera shifted back to Chaewon, she unsurprisingly looked uncomfortable and quickly dropped the idea.

The clip was shared on various social media platforms and caught the attention of international netizens.

While netizens appreciated that the members quickly closed the question, most were angry that it was even allowed. In particular, it was clear that THE SSERAFIM was unimpressed with the statement but was trying to pass off its reactions as something playful. Netizens were less secretive, sharing their anger.

While an idol’s life is known to be about how someone looks and acts on stage, the fact that fans want underage idols to exhibit inappropriate behavior or concepts makes fans angry. It also continues the heated debate over whether an appropriate age to debut in K-Pop is appropriate.

You can read more about Eunchae who has netizens worried about her young age below.

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