Should Lynyrd Skynyrd continue without original members?

Should Lynyrd Skynyrd continue without original members?

Josh Homme discussed the idea of ​​Lynyrd Skynyrd continuing without any original members, following the death of the last remaining co-founder, Gary Rossington, in March. He considered the Southern rock veterans’ announcement that they would continue in light of the Foo Fighters, who recently revealed they were continuing with Josh Freese in place of the late drummer Taylor Hawkins.

“Interesting question,” the Queens of the Stone Age frontman said when asked how his band could handle a similar situation. He said Visions (via Alternative Nation), “I think the queens are in a good position to resist the things that happen to them and incorporate the experiences they have into their own art. It’s in the nature of Queens to always change. Accepting change is part of our DNA.

But he offered a counter-argument, noting that “on the other hand, I wonder, ‘What about a band like Lynyrd Skynyrd that’s still on the road today, even though there’s nothing left? original training? “” He argued that the answer lay in “people’s tastes”, adding: “Even though Lynyrd Skynyrd is a cover band today, people still want to hear these songs – and what should I have against that? Plus, I’m so busy finding out what I like that I rarely have time to think about what I don’t like.

Homme also spoke about the difficult time he has gone through in recent years, including the death of several friends and the end of his marriage. He reflected that the pandemic had been a “blessing” in helping him refocus. “He asked each of us the same simple question: ‘Tell me the things that are absolutely important to you because that’s all you need,'” he said.

QOTSA will release a new album, In Times New Romanon June 16 and will launch a festival tour of the United States on May 26.

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