Topless activists pour mud on themselves in Rome amid Europe-wide climate protests

Topless activists pour mud on themselves in Rome amid Europe-wide climate protests

Environmental activists are not staying silent. On Tuesday, a series of new protests against governments, oil companies and the airline industry took place across the continent.

Topless environmental activists from the group ‘Last Generation’ covered themselves in mud outside the Italian Senate in Rome on Tuesday to protest against fossil fuels and the consequences of climate change.

Italy was recently hit by extreme rainfall which flooded the northeastern region of Emilia-Romagna killing at least 14 people. The demonstrators consider it to be a “foreseen disaster”.

The latest generation of activists have been protesting global warming for years with roadblocks, sticking to paint masterpieces and throwing washable paint at famous landmarks.

Shell’s annual meeting disrupted

Protesters in London also tried to storm the stage and disrupt oil giant Shell’s annual shareholders’ meeting, with many being dragged away by security guards.

Shell Chairman Andrew Mackenzie was unable to start the meeting for more than an hour as dozens of protesters stood up, chanting and chanting “Stop Shell” and “Go to hell, Shell”.

Several tried to run onto the stage, but were stopped by security guards who led them out of the venue at the ExCel conference center in London.

The campaigners, who included members of Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion, say Shell was making record profits at the expense of the environment.

“Shell continues to drill for new oil and gas fields here in the UK and around the world in some of the most biodiverse areas of the Philippines and the Niger Delta,” said Fossil protester Carina Manitius. Free London.

“Despite their own internal scenario saying that continued oil and gas expansion will push us off a 1.5 degree cliff, pushing us further into extinction and climate catastrophe.”

In February, Shell said its annual profits for 2022 were a record 36 billion euros.

Elsewhere in Switzerland…

Dozens of climate activists burst onto a Geneva airport runway, briefly disrupting air traffic and blocking a nearby business jet convention.

A dozen police officers intervened to evacuate them, including some who had attached themselves to the planes.

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