Why Idols Are Getting Worse At Singing Live

Why Idols Are Getting Worse At Singing Live

The K-pop industry has grown steadily over the past few decades while recording explosive popularity in recent years. These K-pop artists have captivated listeners and fans around the world with outstanding performances and flawless visuals.

However, amid all this glitz and glamor, an issue began to surface that sparked both fan concern and critical comment – ​​a perceived drop in the quality of live singing among some idols. Often the problem is most noticeable during the encore stages of musical programs, where these artists seem to struggle to deliver solid vocal performances. This sparked discussions about changing standards and expectations in the industry, with many seeking a balance between visual spectacle and musical prowess.

Recently, a YouTuber explained the reason why there has been a drop in the quality of live performances.

YouTuber K-pop Idol Trainer recently talked about why the quality of live performances of idols from the last generation has gone down. He explained that the most important factor is that the training period has become shorter and the idols have to follow killer schedules that almost prevent them from training.

He shared in the recent live stream, “One of the fundamental reasons is that the training period of idols is getting shorter and shorter.” He added, “People say it would be better if they just increased their skills. Of course, that would be better. But I have shared the idol program before. You can’t tell idols to practice until 3 a.m. after they get home. They don’t even have time to sleep. They sleep in the car while traveling, they sleep on planes.”

He precised : “The most basic reason (idols are not good at singing live) is that the learning period is shorter. Before, it was a minimum of 7 years, so they had no choice but to improve. From now on, these trainees are trained for a maximum of 3 years. There are even some who only train for 6 months and make their debut. Things have changed a long time ago.”

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