‘XO Kitty’ Reaches No. 2 in Netflix’s Global Top 10 TVs

‘XO Kitty’ Reaches No. 2 in Netflix’s Global Top 10 TVs

netflix‘s’XO, Kitty‘ provoked a sensational response and secured second place in the Global Top 10 Netflix TVs (English) category.

The Netflix series “XO, Kitty,” in which Kitty flies halfway around the world to reunite with her boyfriend and face new experiences and excitement, has received 72.08 million hours of viewing in just 4 days since its May 18 release. In fact, the show entered the Top 10 in 90 countries and reached #2 in the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (English) category.

‘XO, Kitty’ is an original series that tells the story of Kitty, the younger sister of Lara Jean from the Netflix romcom movie ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before‘. It tells the story of Kitty, who goes to Korea after entering the school her mother attends (which her boyfriend also attends), and embarks on an exciting journey. Now that K content is receiving worldwide attention and love, various viewpoints such as special actors in work, national filming locations, Korean culture and K-Pop bring special enjoyment to viewers. of the whole world.

In addition, active players in various fields of entertainment in Korea such as Kim Yunjin, Lee Sung Wook, Michael Lee, and others appear throughout the season.

‘XO Kitty’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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